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Road bike rental specialist for 10 years, we offer you this unique opportunity to climb Mont Ventoux and explore the other roads in the region with a high quality rental bike : on the handlebars of a racing or high-end electric bike, you can embark on an unforgettable ascent of the Giant of Provence from the village of Malaucène.
If we have been specialised in high-end bike rental for so long, it is because we are committed to sharing our passion with as many people as possible. Come and experience a road trip at the foot of Mont Ventoux, and discover cycling as you may never have known it.
For all your specific requests for bike rental at Mont Ventoux, contact our team and tell us about your needs and desires.

Repair, Rental, Sale: 3 centers of experience for a professional welcome at Ventoux Bikes.

News and blog

Winter weather at the summit

With the arrival of autumn, the conditions harden at the top of Mont Ventoux.

Plan to equip yourself accordingly and check the weather forecast before each departure.

Temperatures fall and are cooler, approaching 0°C in the morning.

If wind or bad weather comes around, the conditions become really dangerous for riding.

Therefore, do not hesitate to consult weather websites before your departure and for the conditions in real time, as well as to contact us to modify your reservation or your route.

Colnago at the 2023 rental range

The versatile bike by escence.

Indeed, this bike is specially designed for intensive use and for endurance road rides. The G3-X features broadly identical geomatry to its predecessor, the Colnago Prestige, aprt from some notable differences in seat stay lenght (10mm longer), bottom bracket drop (2mm lower) and the lenght of the fork (20mm more).

The advantage of his G3X is that you will be able to drive on almost all the roads that exist. It is an extremely versatile bike. Mounted with disc brakes for more powerful braking, extra space to accomodate wider tires and its comfortable goemetry allow it to adapt to any type of terrain.

The new G3-X is equipped with the latest Shimano GRX groupset and tired that we have adapted for road use.

New Aethos on rent

This year you can rent the Specialized Aethos from Ventoux Bikes, the perfect model for the mountain.

A light and dynamic model, with a transmission adapted to Mont Ventoux, for a unique experience!

Ascension memories

After your visit to the summit of Mont Ventoux, leave with a wonderful memory!

We have a store with a collection of top-of-the-range Mont Ventoux 1910 cycling clothing, come and discover it!

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